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A product design blog containing unique observations, advice and ideas to improve objects from the mind of Product Tank.

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dishwasher trolley

Recently I have been having thoughts about making dishwashers easier to empty - not that dishwashers are hard to empty, but the problem, if you are old, is that you cannot carry as much and so, if the dishwasher is full, to unload it you have to make several trips.  Then of course the problem is that if you are old, you do not want to make several trips.  Why not make a small dishwasher with the baskets on a trolley, so that you can wheel all the items around your kitchen to unload them. 

product design ideas - pond filter

I have a small pond that is currently the colour of pea soup and i'd like it to be clear.  I have a UV Light on the pump outlet, but it doesn't seem to be reducing the green (yes I've checked the bulb).  So, this weekend, I decided to go all Heath Robinson on it.  I have a load of stainless steel mesh, left over from other projects (originally my kettle design).  I've used it before to filter bits out of wine, so I thought I'd make a set up to try and take some of the sediment out of the water.  The rig I built works really well for a while, tiny bits ofsediment build up as they hit the mesh and are pushed to the sides by the pressure of the water, but aftter about an hour or so, the build up gets too great and rather than go through the mesh, the water spills over the sides.  So, I've been thinking of improving the design to incorporate a water wheel, driven by the fall of the water to brush the sediment that builds up into a collection area.  This is only the first stage, this is the product design process in action.  I have identified the problem, almost have a working solution, but it still needs the design process to make it into a realistic object.