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25.11.11 - Product Tank Tea-ze mug - This mug is a design that addresses the observation of a problem - squeezing out a hot tea bag. The people I work with drink a lot of tea. In offices especially, the use of a teapot has gone out of fashion, so now it is one tea bag per cup.  Once the cup has been filled with water and the tea bag allowed to 'brew' a performance ensues with the tea maker squeezing out the bag in one of several awkward ways. Against the side of the cup with the tea bag still immersed (not ideal), using a finger or thumb against the tea spoon whilst trying not to scold themselves, using a pair of spoons as tongs etc.  I have seen 'tea tongs' designed for this purpose, but as a product designer, I thought, 'why should we need an extra tool when a modification to the cup addresses the user need/behaviour?', so I designed and made this prototype: