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About Product Tank -  a product designer

I am an award winning product designer with over ten years industrial design experience who designs, hand makes and tests highly innovative concepts, focusing on improving functionality to generally make products more inclusive.

I am ideas driven, innovative and questioning.  I am not styling for styling's sake.  I am not reinventing the wheel if the wheel works well.  I am not about designing a better nut cracker, but finding a better way of cracking the nut.

I am a product designer. It runs through my every fibre, it is my core and my beat.  I am also a trier, that's what I do, I design things and I try things.  I make and test my designs to prove that my ideas will work.  I do not use CAD (simply because I don't own any) so I make all my prototypes by hand.  My portfolio cannot hide behind un-realistic CAD renderings that sell dreams that cannot be manufactured or would never work.

The name product tank was chosen because your computer screen is like the front of a fish tank, you are looking at everything illuminated inside.  The Product Tank becomes a portal, a looking glass.  A place where it is safe to get things wrong, learn from them and move on.  Free from the constraints of money and time, free from heads of companies wanting it in the company colours with a bigger logo for half the price.  Free from the diluted end product of design by committee.  This site is intended to be a place for innovation, a proving ground, an idea nursery, an experiment.  What's coming next? Only I know and half the time I'm not sure either.