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19.05.10 - Product Tank Clothes Peg - Inspired by watching a neighbour struggle to hang out her washing using traditional pegs because she suffers from arthritis, I have redesigned the clothes peg.  My design concept features a locking mechanism and a flexible rubber grip that rests against the clothes.  If clothes try to slip off the line, the rubber grip is displaced, increasing the pressure on the clothes.  This allows a very light spring (the same type used in push top pens) to be used, so that anyone with weak/painful grip can more easily open and close the peg.

The product design process is best explained by the videos below.  The short version (top) just gives you a quick demo of functionality, the longer version (recommended) explains the whole product design story and also in simple terms, how the product design process is carried out, by researching the problem and testing a series of prototypes to arrive at the most suitable solution:


05.06.11 I would like to thank everyone for all the enquiries I have had since posting this idea on my website and to appologise for not being able to respond to everyone.  The design is a well proven concept, that (for various reasons) has not been put into production and is therefore (currently) not available to buy anywhere.