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fence panels

The weather in the Uk has been terrible of late with strong winds causing a lot of damage.  A lot of UK properties are fenced with wooden panel fencing for privacy.  This is a problem with the current gusts of wind, as even the strongest fence posts and panels are being severely tested.  

So I've been thinking about solutions for fence designs that keep privacy, but in strong gusts, can adapt to let air through.  The first idea was too similar to a hit and miss panel already in existence.  Idea number 2 has panels mounted on pivots, so in strong gusts they will lift up, but this would require metal work, which would be a more expensive solution.  Idea number 3 is a normal slatted fence with holes drilled in the panels and strips of poly propylene or other suitable plastic covering the holes like cat flaps. When strong winds blow, they will lift allowing air to pass through, but when the wind speed is low, the flaps will remain down. The strips could be offered in a variety of colours and would hopefully be a lowcost and interesting aesthetic solution to an increasing problem. With development, the slats could be replaced with wooden bars to which the strips are attached, allowing even more air movement and cutting down on manufacturing times. 

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